Greenhouse staging
Greenhouse staging
Aluminum staging GS117, GS120 and GS150 for whole greenhouse, simply put, it is the stacking of shelves to make more space for your greenhouse growing. This setup can also help stimulate growth whilst keeping things tidy and organised. 
The aluminium staging is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. They are long lasting, require no maintenance, are light, portable and strong enough to support the weight of pots with plants and water. They're also resistant to water damage and can stand up to daily wear and tear.  
Is Greenhouse Staging Necessary? In our experience and through customer feedback it's safe to say that some form of bench, shelves and/or staging is essential for potting and storage. It will also provide an area to support growing plants and avoid damaging or hampering their growth.
  • All shelving has two shelves with the side wall sections being tiered to accommodate a large variety of plants or seedling trays
  • Light weight durable and functional
  • All kits are made from high quality grade aluminium eliminating any rust or corrosion issues
  • Individual sections can be bolted together easily for improved stability or you can leave the modules freestanding
  • Simple to assemble with all brackets, fittings, manuals included



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